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Temporary Protected Status for Haitians -Petition


The Congresswoman YVETTE D. CLARKE, US Representative for District 11 of Brooklyn New York and several other colleagues including the speaker of the House of Yvette D. ClarkRepresentatives NANCY POLOSI, are asking us, all Haitians living in the US to back them up by sign a petition for a bill Known as: Temporary Protected Status (TPS) they are sponsoring on favor of Haitians without status. By passing that bill the beneficiaries will be able to apply for Work Authorization, Social Security, Driver License, Work, and depending on the time authorized, they may be qualify for permanent resident after two or three years.

In response to that request The HAVU has elaborated a simple form in which you can give your support to the bill by answering 3 questions and 2 check marks.


A) All Born US citizen of 18 years and older.

B) All Naturalized Haitian-American

C) All Haitian Permanent Resident.

The dead line: by first week of August the petition must be in Mrs. Ckarke Offices Address:

New York: Congress Member Mrs. Yvette D. Clarke

123 Linden Blvd. 4th. Floor

Brooklyn NY 11226 Ph. (718)287-1142

Washington: Congress Member Mrs. Yvette Clarke

1029 Long Road

House Office Building of Representatives

Washington D.C. 20515 Ph. (202)225-6231



participant: Are you a US citizen?_________LPR__________Date_______

Full Name:_____________________________________________ ____________________________


Home Address___________________________________________ _______________________________


Phone # ( )_______________Cell ( )____________________


Age Range (18 - 24)_______ (25 - 35)_______(36 - 50)______51 - 65) _______(66 - up)


Place of the Seminar Name and address___________________________________

__________________________________________________ ____


Return Petition to:

HAVU OF FLORIDA, INC. P. O. 530532 St Petersburg, FL 33747

Haitian American Voters United