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Huge Crowd at Barikad Crew Members' Funeral

Champs de Mars Port -Au -Prince was packed to the max with family,friends, fans,government officials,members of the press and many super stars coming from all BC Funeralover the world to pay the last respect to the falling members of Barikad crew.
The six caskets were laid next to each other on the Kiosk while the Episcopal priests direct the religious part of the ceremony….as family members/ friends and fans hit the floor or being carried by the scouts and Red Cross volunteers to the waiting ambulances.
After the religious part the D.J played some of the songs of Barikad as the masters of ceremony radio personality Brégard Anderson of Radio Caraïbes and the actress and radio/T.V personality Caelle Jean Baptiste introduced the speakers.
The following people took on the stage to carry their messages to the fans and the other eight members of Barikad in the memory of the dead musicians: From Barikad Crew: Izolan -Fantom-Bricks-Marco…they all almost have the same message….peace love -unity as they mourn their friends. Other guests…
King Kino who, after his speech, took the time to sing the reggae song…One Love.
Ti Blanc who talked in the name of Tropicana mentioned that they too are on the road every weekend and that this should be a lesson to all others on the road to exercise caution. Roro (Djakout) M60 took the stage and asking for visa for the remaining members to go perform in N.Y…he also said some people made promises but don’t keep them. Don Kato (Brothers Posse) reply to M60 that Rap Kreyol artists need mostly RESPECT and not visas. Ti Djo Zenny (Kréyol La)BC Funeral Jude Jean (Sill) who took the time to sing part of the K-Dans hit song Touman.
Wyclef Jean took the stage to pay respect and put the family and their loss first…he said that some people come here to show off…but that this is no time to show off…(in other words this is after all a memorial service and no time to bring your own agenda)…many see this as an answer to M60. He sang part of his song and passed the mic to Jimmy O who was both singing and crying.
Yvon Jérome said he is here as the maestro of Mass Konpa and not as the mayor of Carrefour and that when he ran to the accident scene it was first as a fellow musician….Let me remind some of you that Yvon Jérome is a talented drummer and and eloquent speaker. King D (Flex/K-Dans) also did a performance in English in the memory of his fellow rappers.
Other famous people didn’t have the time to take the stage because they were either not on the program and also they had to end because the sun was really hot on Champs de Mars and some of the bodies are going to be buried out of the capital. However I would like to note that Top Adlerman flew from France and had to cancel his weekend engagement to be at the services. L2 was also there and I notice also Pouchon of Djakout.
When the “Ministre des Affaires Socials” Jean Gerald Germain took the stage…the public got upset every time he mentioned the name of President Préval…on four occasions he had to stop his speech and start over…the musicians Don Kato and a member of Barikad had to intervene and tell the people that Mr Germain is a friend of the band and the one who help coordinate the ceremony. He quickly edit the speech and remove Préval’s name….because every time he said NAN NOM PRESIDENT PREVAL AK PREMIER MINISTRE EDOUARD ALEXIS…PEP LA TE RELE DEYE’L…
At the end the owner of Ticket Magazine and the producer of Musique en Folie Frantz Duval did the Eulogy as he asked the crowd to raise the red scarfs/ MOUCHOIRS ROUGES one of the symbols of the band Barikad Crew as he called the name of the victims one by one.
(story by opamizik)