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Welcome t0 will Send you on an all expenses paid date

Who said Valentine's Day is only for the lovers. What about the ones who are seeking for love? Well is thinking about you. If you are 18 years of age or love_heartsolder and you are looking for love, we will set you up on a blind date all expenses paid on February 14th. All you have to do is email us and tell us a little about yourself, what are you looking for in a mate and we'll take care of the rest. Be sure to include a picture of yourself along with your contact info. While we're at it here are just a few tips for a successful blind date: 1.Dress for dating success. You only get one chance to make a good first impression. Dress appropriately for the venue where you'll be meeting, and make an extra effort to look your best. Dress comfortably, but not too comfortably. Leave your sloppy jeans and t-shirts at home in favor of "business casual" attire. Dress so that your date will know that you take the event seriously.

2.Being yourself is important on any date but it’s critical on a blind date. A blind date deals with someone who does not know you so it’s important to give them a true sense of yourself on your date. You may get away with pretending to be something you are not on the first date but it may lead to trouble in future dates as your date realizes you were phony on the first date.

3.Treat your blind date with the same courtesy that you would any other date. You may not know the person you are dating but it is important to arrive on time, be polite and put an honest effort into the date. Your blind date is just as deserving of these courtesies as any other person you have dated. A blind date is no excuse to let your manners lapse and mistreat your date.

4.End the evening on a realistic note. It's a decades-old stereotype: At the end of a date, the man tells the woman that he'll call her, but then he never does. If the date went well, and you want to see the person again, say so and mean it. Reinforce your enthusiasm by discussing ideas for where to go and what to do on future dates. Then follow up the next day with a phone call or e-mail message. On the other hand, if the date did not go so well and you do not want to see the person again, you can make that clear in a polite way and avoid any false promises. Say something like this: "It was good to meet you. We're clearly not right for each other, but I think you're a very nice person and I wish you all the best." All's well that ends well, and your date can be considered a success if it ends on a good note, even if the relationship goes no further.