Fanm Lakay a place for you to Bouyi ti zen'w!
Number One Island Singing Competition!
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Our American Idol Island Style! This show is created to help the youth in our community pursue their dreams and stay focused. The competition will be aired weekly on Tele Lakay and where the viewers will get to decide on the winner. The winner will then record their own songs for an album fully funded by Island Star.

coming soon!

Do you like this video? Does it make you wanna shake what your mama gave ya? Well, you can help get it to our Top 5 video list. Once a month your emails and phone requests will help count down the top 5 videos as seen on Tele Lakay and
In efforts to promote positivity  in our community we are taking notice of certain individuals and unsung heroes. Haitian or not, these deserving honorees pledge their lives to the service of our community. The least we can do is to recognize them and that's what we are doing. Every month we will honor one of these individuals or unsung heroes as "Tele Lakay Person of the Month". If you feel deserving of such nomination or maybe you know someone who does, please contact Us!
Having a Haitian flag on your car does not make you 100% Haitian. That's why we are taking the streets every week and asking you... How Haitian are you? We ask individuals simple questions about our culture, history, tradition and more to determine their degree of haitian-ness. So don't be scared when we catch you on the streets. Just make sure you got your Haitian knowledge on or get it on by watching the show...!
To thank our viewers for making us #1 so quickly we are letting you decide on what you want to see on Tele Lakay. Please send us an email and let us know what kind of show you would like to see.
While our viewers make us #1, our sponsors keep us going by supporting us financially. We can't thank you enough so we decided to let you treat yourself. Send us an email and let us know what you want to see on Tele Lakay